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Water Treatment Filling and Capping
Water Teratment
Our work method in water treatment is to pass the water through seven steps:
1- Sand Filter: This filter is used for removal of coarse partials medium suspended solids and mud.
2- Active Carbon Filter: This filter used for removal of chlorine, taste, ordure, and coloured organic materials.
3- Antiscalant Pump: Antiscalant has to be added in recommended dosage to prevent the precipitation of calcium and magnesium salt on the membrane surface
4- Nicety Filter 1: This filter is used to remove finest suspended solids up to 10 micron from the water.
5- Nicety Filter 2: This filter is used to remove finest suspended solids up to 5 micron from the water.
6- Reveres Osmosis System: Physically remove the dissolved solids and all remaining impurities from water.
7- Ozone Generator: Provides further sterilization by employing ozone which is very strong oxiding agent and kill any remaining micro-organism and eliminates any unpleasant ordure and also rich water with oxygen(o2).
The water after sterilized by ozone passes through two Nicety filters, 1 st. Is 0.5 micron and 2 nd. Is 0.2micron before filling.