Quality Control


We have a wide variety of internally designed and proven mixers, tested and tried in-house for strength and durability.

We use Mix Design computer software to design, test and coordinate all of our mixes.

When using the software, we can create special or unique concrete mixes to meet any of your construction projects.

It is very variable such as the ability to pump finish and work a mixer.

As well as its durability and strength, it can be considerable and calculative.

In other words, a wide variety of options are available for a wide variety of needs, and each mix is tested and proven before any pour begins.

We track all our test cylinder breaks using to establish strength consistency.

In addition to our high quality-control standards, all of our internal mixes are carefully checked and monitored by professional independent laboratories, as well as the Minnesota Department of Transportation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, to ensure they meet all industry and governmental standards.

Fully Winterized Facilities:

Boilers allow us to produce steam to heat aggregate bins and buildings for production during winter months.

This steam heat allows us to continuously produce concrete at temperatures of 70° to 80°, even in the middle of the coldest winter weather.

Back-up water heaters are used to increase heat capacity for warmer concrete. These facilities ensure that whenever you need us, we are able to meet your needs.