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Company Profile

Ghadak AsphaltAl-Ghadak Company for asphalt production is one of the Al-Ghadak Group’s companies, which has been established in the year 2001.
This company has executed many major asphalt projects in Iraq.

To reach high standards, Al-Ghadak Company for asphalt production has carried out several activities (paving roads) inside of Iraq, particularly in Sadder City.

The amount of work done concerning Sadder City in the first phase was to pave Kesra-Wa Atash Street, which mounted up to 101000 m2. Then pavement of Misan Street with a length of 62160 m2, which totaled the area paving as much as 163160 m2.

As part of the second phase in Sadder City were Al-Shahid Street, which covered a paving area of 44000 m2, also Al-Orfali Street covering an area of 43000 m2 and also Al-Kaiar Street measuring a paving 100000 m2. The total paving area in Sadder City was 187000 m2.

Al-Ghadak Company for asphalt production has decided to use advanced technology in its asphalt products. All machines that are used take up the Indian technology.