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As mentioned above, Al - Ghadak has strong relationship with associated specialist companies in Europe who can assist the company to identify the right Application Software Solution, providing the correct functionalities and successful implementation plan, which are fully approved internationally. Furthermore there are other companies who can assist with the provision of appropriate IT consultancy and training services.
Some of our associated European partners have provided IT, Communications and project management services to many household names such as: Daiwa Bank, Mizuho International, BNP-Paribas, Thales Racal, Nortel, Marconi, Cable & Wireless, Vodafone and Toshiba TEC, Private Banken, Lombard Tricity, Natwest Bank, Unibank and recently Iraqi Middle East Bank.
With our team of very experienced staff who have worked for many years as senior IT consultants in well known corporate environments, we have been able to liaise with many industry leaders such as; Microsoft, Reuters and IBM as partners to take part in joint ventures and over seen the implementation of many projects successfully. Therefore precisely for these reasons we are able to offer you our in-depth technical, project management knowledge in a tailor made fashion, exactly as it would be required and expected by your organization.

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